Youtube for Business Strategies


Youtube is the place to be for marketing your business. It is currently the best social media platform for organic reach and that means FREE marketing. It also has the lowest ad rates of all the social media platforms if you decide you want to do paid promotions and It has the lowest competitive landscape for most industries. That means that there are fewer of your competitors on there and that means there is more opportunity on Youtube right now for your business than on any other platform!

What can Youtube do for your business? It’s a lead generating machine! You can drive traffic to anywhere from your videos in the description and even in the videos themselves! You can also generate brand awareness, build an audience of fans and super supporters while also using Youtube to deliver customer service by answering their questions or doing Youtube Lives. It also happens to be a FREE video hosting platform where you can use it to host videos for your website and hide them from Youtube searches just having them viewable on your website if you choose.

There are two types of successful Youtube channels, entertainment and inspirational mixed with educational. Do keep in mind that the reason you don’t want to just put out educational content is because that is not what people to subscribe to, they’ll watch a video on a topic they are searching for but unless you have something they want aspirational wise they won’t subscribe to keep coming back for more. Coming back for more IS what you are going for don’t forget, so with either type of channel you do need to be consistent if your goal is to build an audience base or drive consistent traffic.

How to be entertaining as a business? Use content such as interviews with interesting people, behind the scenes or tours, game show style like Blendtec’s “Will it Blend” series (that gained them hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views). Other types include lifestyle related content that would appeal to your target market such as Red Bull’s and Walmart’s Channels who have very different target markets but both feature a variety of lifestyle videos with very successful results. Red Bull has as of today 7.7 million subscribers on it’s main channel and also has multiple subchannels with millions of subscribers too. Remember that’s free advertising and promotion of their brand that people are subscribed to!

How to have an inspirational educational channel? It’s all about solving specific problems people are actively searching for answers on using relevant keywords while also keeping in mind the ultimate goal of your target market. For example someone searching “how to use Instagram Stories for business” is very much likely to have the larger goal of having a successful business that gives them the lifestyle and freedom that they are looking for so make sure you let them know that if they subscribe that’s what you will be giving them. Which brings me to the next topic of giving people a reason to subscribe not just asking them to do so. I think 99% of the time I watch Youtube videos and at the end of a video or at some point the Youtuber says “says don’t forget to subscribe and turn notifications on so that you don’t miss a single video.” but it’s rarely they give a good reason or value statement as to why doing so will benefit people.

When you are asking people to subscribe keep in mind your target market’s most desired goal. That is the reason they will subscribe and should subscribe if you can give them a path to that ultimate goal. If you are a house cleaning business, let them know your channel will teach them how to have a beautiful and organized oasis of cleanliness that will help to have peacefulness and stability. If you have a business law firm, let them know you are going to show them what they need to do in order to save money and protect themselves for their long term benefit. If you are a wellness practitioner, your channel should help people achieve optimum health and demonstrate how to experience an abundant joyous life because they want to be healthy not just to be healthy to reap the benefits of being healthy so show them what that looks like.

5 Tips for Successful Businesses Youtube videos:

1) Solve problems your target market is interested in solving

2) Use the keyword phrases people use when looking to solve those specific problems as your video titles and in your description

3) Be entertaining, educational and/or aspirational

4) Be consistent in the type of value your offer your audience to keep them coming back for more

5) Capture leads from your views by including some type of freebie that people can download and optin to your email list from

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