The Social Media Strategy Template


Need to make a social media strategy? Here’s a template you can use today for your creative or small business social media strategy.

Defining Your Goals

Pick one of these as your number one main goal in order to have a focused strategy.


Is it:


  1. Establish Yourself as an Authority

  2. Brand Awareness

  3. Generate Sales

  4. Provide a Service


Picking one as your main goal doesn’t mean that you cannot fulfill other goals as well. It just means you have a main focal point of which you can use and will help you stay on track.

Defining Your Metrics

Once you have selected your goal, you need to define what success looks like.


If your goal is becoming an authority in your field:


  • Seo & Search Metrics

  • Reputation Metrics

  • Follower Growth

  • PR Metrics

  • Engagement


If your goal is brand awareness:


  • Shares

  • Share Ratio

  • Reach

  • Views

  • Impressions


If your goal is lead generation and sales:


  • Number of Leads

  • Revenue

  • Conversion Rate

  • Downloads

  • Email Subscribers

  • New vs Returning


If your goal is Service or Fulfillment:


  • Positive Feedback

  • Clickthroughs

  • Downloads

  • Views

  • Likes

Plan Your Methods

Now that you have your goals:


  • Select the appropriate platforms based on your target market demographics

  • Decide on content mix appropriate per platform and goals

  • Create your content calendar based on your goals

  • Create campaigns that include influencers, email marketing and paid ads and create a budget that reflects variance required in reaching your goals after considering the estimated results of your unpaid social media efforts

Execute Your Strategies

It’s all in your execution so plan to use tools and platforms that will simplify your and your team's efforts.


For scheduling you can use:


  • Facebook and Twitter: Hootsuite or Buffer

  • Instagram: Planoly or Later

  • Youtube: TubeBuddy

  • Pinterest: Tailwind or Board Booster

Measure Your Results

Since you have already defined your goals, measuring your success is simply using different tools to document your results.


For analytics you can use:


  • Analytics on each platform or tool

  • Google Analytics

  • Your Data

Refine Your Methods

Analyze your results from measurements on a weekly, monthly and per campaign basis and adjust as needed. If you want to improve a particular method, don’t teak more than one thing at a time or else you will not be able to identify what factors were instrumental.


Things to consider tweaking:


  • Timing

  • Copy

  • Images

  • Video

  • Frequency

  • Offer

  • Influencers

  • Targetting

  • Keywords

  • Headlines



There you go, now you can follow this exact template in creating your next strategy!