The Top 5 Myths of Instagram 2017


Let's go through the top 5 Instagram myths so that you steer clear of them!

It only works for visual products

This isn’t true at all and it doesn’t matter if your business sells services or software, Instagram is a great place to do customer and prospect outreach. Ideally you share content that provides value to your audience which can be done in a number of ways. You want to be entertaining (share pics of company celebrations, happenings etc), informative (show behind the scenes, the process, or pics with promotional info) or be inspiring with quotes or culture defining images.


It only works for big brands

Not at all, more and more companies are finding just how easy it is to reach and engage with people on the Instagram platform. No matter the size of your business you can create new fans and followers while also maintaining connection with your existing base using Instagram Posts and Stories.  

You can only post photos you take

Actually Instagram is one of the best platforms to take advantage of UGC (user generated content). What that means is you can do things like run contests or request that users hashtag their photos with your brand’s specific hashtag so that you can repost their images on your feed. You can also curate content which means using other people’s content (with permission, just ask in a comment or message them) on your account while giving the original photographer credit.

Results can’t be measured

That may have been somewhat true in the past but now with Instagram Business accounts you have all types of data and analytics at your disposal. You also have detailed insights available for ads you run on Instagram whether as a post ad or now brands can also run Instagram Story ads. With new updates being released every single month to increase opportunities for business on Instagram you can’t go wrong.

You can’t market locally on Instagram

Actually one of the best ways to focus on local markets is to use Instagram’s location search function and then interact with people posting there or search users via hashtags. Instagram now offers both Geostickers and Geotags which is making Instagram more and more location friendly!

You really only have TWO options:

Be where your customers are which is Instagram with 70% of Instagram users following business accounts and over 150 million daily users or miss the opportunity!

Tell me over in the group what’s been you holding you back from going further with Instagram!