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5 Instagram Theme Ideas for a Pro Look

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5 Instagram Theme Ideas for a Pro Look

Instagram themes are made of the subject matter of posts, the aesthetic and sequences used. These can be changed at any time or evolve of weeks and months. The main overall purpose of a theme is to deliver a consistent quality and stay on brand so that your audience on Instagram and from elsewhere, will be able to recognize your brand and value with every post. Your theme should represent your brand perfectly so with that in mind let’s take a look at these 5 Instagram themes for a Professional look.

Creative & Romantic Services

This Instagram theme by weddingcreationsuk is not only creative by being different from her competitors but her feed is also effectively dreamy and romantic by use of the form, tones and filter. She uses images of brides, decor and scenery to create a feed that not only highlights her business services and offerings but also provides inspiration to her followers.

Playful & Bright Creative

Samantha from Lemonandthesea uses a visual play on words by utilizing lemons throughout her feed. She also has a very defined color scheme and uses workplace subject matter in most of her posts.

Her sequence appears to consist of using a combination of branded info graphics with colorful lifestyle or “work”style shots.

Modern & Chic Fashion

Janice Joostemaa uses a black, white and gold color theme as the basis for theme colors but does add the odd beige or blush too.  Nails, shoes, makeup and outfits are what most of her pictures consist of though she does add lifestyle shots of her travels, meals or fun nights out with friends too. Janice's account is a pretty typical fashion and lifestyle account but what makes her stand out is her commitment to the look and feel by using similar filters and tones in all her pictures.

Fun & Earthy Family

Earthyandy uses scenic landscapes, food and intimate family portraits to share not only her plantbased diet but also her life with the world. Using the tropical backdrop of Hawaii, she creates beautiful snapshots of her family at play and partaking in their normal day to day routines. She uses her almost 500 thousand follower base to share her gluten free diet and natural lifestyle advice.

Eclectic & Artsy Decor

Eclectic and artsy aren’t usually words you would associate with either cement or floor tiles but the account by cementileshop manages to represent both quite well. This brand manages to shares the visually appealing nature of their tiles along with great photography to present an feed so attractive that they have over 75 thousand followers. If you are looking for the right theme for your brand or business you can easily interchange the adjectives from each of these titles with the type of product or service that you offer. For example Playful & Bright Fashion, Eclectic & Artsy Professional, Modern & Chic Family or Fun & Earthy Creative. These are just a few examples to get you started. Do you have other great examples? Share them below!