Instagram Stories

Using The Tools in Instagram Stories


The Instagram Stories for Business Guide - Part 1

How to Create a Story

how to create an Instagram Story

Click on the home button


Click on the camera icon

Here's what you will see:

Swipe to the left to see Hands Free

Options on the Instagram Stories homescreen:

Live: Click this is you want to broadcast live. These broadcasts are not recordable but are viewable by people who find your live cast but don't already follow you. People are able to communicate with you via comments while you are live so that you can interact with your audience.

Normal: Click this once quickly to take a picture for an Instagram Story post or hold down for up to 15 seconds to take a video.

Boomerang: This is an app that you can download that integrates with Instagram Stories and allows you to make fun 1 second gifs.

Handsfree: Click this once to start recording a video of up to 15 seconds. You can put your phone down and position it so that you can record hands free.

You might also see the flash, night and reverse icons which are used for flash, night and reversing the camera.

How to upload images or videos from your phone

When you are on the Instagram Stories home screen. Put your thumb at the bottom of the screen and scroll up.

You have access to photos and videos from the last 24hrs that you have either taken on your phone or imported and saved to your camera roll from elsewhere (within the last 24 hrs).

adding images from camera roll to Instagram Stories

The writing and decorating tools

Once you've created a post the writing tools will appear.

  • The Aa is for text
  • The marker is for drawing
  • The stickers are for adding to your posts

Using text

Click on the Aa to start writing.

  • You can use slider on the left to change the text size
  • You can use scroll left for more text colors
  • You can change alignment or highlight your text

Using markers

Click on the market icon.

  • The one on the left is fine tipped
  • The one in the middle is angled (for calligraphy)
  • The one on the right is a highlighter
  • To change the color of your whole screen click on any of the markers, click a color of your choice and then click and hold down on the screen for 3 seconds.

Using stickers

Click on the sticker icon.

  • The location sticker can be used for location tagging
  • You can click temperature for the current temperature
  • You can click time for a current time stamp
  • You can select any of the available stickers and adjust their sizes with the slider

There you have it! These are the tools you can use with Instagram Stories. If you have any questions, let me know below and if you haven't already download the Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Stories now!