Call to Action

Instagram Content That Converts

Though Instagram is a visually driven platform you still need to use smart copy and have a strategy in place for the type of images or video you use. Your content needs to:

  • Capture their attention
  • Draw them in
  • Use a Call To Action
  • Also be delivered through Instagram Stories

Capture their attention by using striking images, lifestyle images that inspire, or captivate with subject matter using either video or images. The reason for this quite simply you need to like with any other form of marketing grab their attention as they are scrolling through their feed. Your content should educate, inspire or entertain your audience as with on any other social platform.

Captivating Instagram Post



Draw them in with a story, lead their interest. This is where you tell the story behind the picture, you can be creative and help your audience relate to what it is you are describing. Remember to not to simply describe what the photo is but go into why the photo was taken or created.The story provides the reference for the photo and can add a deeper level of interest or appeal.

This images draws you in with both leading lines (the use of the tent opening to focus on the subject matter) and the activities of the people present.



Use a Call To Action. This should be short yet compelling, so be concise in telling them what to do and why it benefits them if they do so.  If you have grabbed their attention and drawn them in with either desire, intrigue or inspiration then you can simply invite your audience to participate further in their experience by letting them know what is they should do next.  With Instagram the user generally should be told to click the link in the bio and give them a good reason to do so that relates to fulfilling their desire, solving a problem,  increasing their inspired mood or promise to deliver if you have built up their intrigue with the full story.

This images clearly spells out what action to take and even provides additional reassurances by stating that they can deliver by Christmas.



Deliver all the above via Instagram Stories. Stories provides another level of engagement with your followers which can not only be more personal and but more inviting as when you people view Stories they see all of your posts at one time from the last 24 hour period. This means you can tell more of a story, intrigue them further and hopefully provide thus a stronger more compelling Call to Action. Also since fewer people post Stories that means for people who check both their feed and their Stories, there is a greater chance of them to see you in Stories than in their feed. So post Stories! You can either drive people with written or verbal Call To Actions to either your post for that day or to other channels. One tipfor tracking conversions off of Instagram from Stories is to use a custom shortened URL (like that you only share using Stories. That way if anyone does click on that particular link you know it came from Stories! You can direct people to direct message you their emails (which works!).

This image shows some details of the event plus has a direct Call To Action to the link in their bio.


So make sure you are using a combination of the above types of content or you can even use them all in a single post!

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