How to Do Time Management with Time Blocking


Time blocking means setting aside designated periods of time according to short- and long-term goals. It allows you to be more focused, more prepared and reduces stress. Being more productive means producing more by thinking more and being smarter about how you go about doing what you do. Everyone has a list of things to do and goals they want to accomplish but unless you add time to do these things you aren’t committing to actually doing any of them. The solution is to use time blocks that take into consideration your goals and life’s daily list of to-dos.

Using whatever calendar app or means you use (I use Google Calendar so that I can access it on my phone and laptop) add your daily routine that must be done for family and self-care responsibilities first. Choose a color, for example, pink for love and block that time off.

Next, add your scheduled meetings or appointments and time period that you make yourself available for such things and block those periods of with another color. The more consistent you can be in the time that you do these things the easier it will be.

Next add time after these meetings or appointments to “react” say 10-15 minutes so that you can take notes, send out required emails or anything else that needs to be done after such things. I’ll use the color purple for these.

Now it’s time to look at your work tasks, business needs and goals. It’s best to prioritize income-producing activities, things that must be done in order for revenue to be produced. It’s a good idea to know exactly what these activities are and to make a list of them. Then create time blocks for these activities, using “green” as an example.

Now take a look at your most immediate goal, this requires additional focus, time and energy to be completed to add a time block or blocks in order for you to complete it. Try using “yellow” so that its importance is highlighted.

We are now going to set a time blocking for your long-term goals as a whole. This can be for growing your community, network, adding additional income or maybe it’s for building new systems or automation. Set a time for your long-term goals in “purple”.

The last two blocks we are going to set are for randomness and end of day reflections. You need to allow time for things that come up unexpectedly if you don’t, that is not being realistic for as everyone knows life happens and we want to be real here so add a time block for “randomness” in bright green.

The reflection block should come at the end of both your work day and the end of your evening so that you can review your day, set intentions for the next and adjust your calendar if need be. For this let’s use the color light lavender.

There you have it, time blocks that will help you stay on track, be mindful and give you the ability to be as productive as possible.

A goal is a wish without a plan and a strategy, the same can said for all of the things that you want to get done. Time blocking allows you the opportunity to create a plan and schedule out your strategy to get all accomplished. Remember to allow for the Rs, reflection, routine and randomness for balance and the prevention of overwhelm. Give yourself the time, plan how and where you will focus your energy and you will reap the rewards!