Sales Funnel

7 Steps to Automate Sales of Your Knowledge

Your experience and knowledge are valuable assets that can be shared with the world in a way that will allow you to reach and help as many people as possible. Creating and selling digital products allows you to stop trading time for money, while also building trust with potential new clients for your private coaching business or program.Digital products also help you build credibility and they’re a great opportunity to expand your customer markets. Products such as;  pdfs and videos, are great as lead generation tools to secure opt-ins to your email list. The best way to build trust and great long term business relationship with people who are interested in what you offer, is to help them! Share actionable steps or info that will be appreciated by your ideal customers and if they like what they receive as free gifts from you then it’s likely at this point they will consider what else you have to offer.

Creating an Online Sales Funnel

So what exactly is a sales funnel? It’s the decision making journey your prospect takes from the beginning point of awareness all the way through to purchasing. An automated sales funnel is the referencing of this journey being nourished through the use of automated triggers used in email and content marketing. A Sales Funnel Consultant provides the service of setting up these triggers and servicing the prospects at their respective stages in a manner that optimizes the results.