7 Easy Ways to Make Money from Home


There are a lot of ways to make money from home but what if you don’t have a lot of computer skills or experience that you can turn into a business?

In this post I’m going to share 7 ways you can start making money from home immediately with ZERO dollars cost and  ZERO experience needed.

These are all real solutions I’ve already tried and they’ve worked for me!

1) Freelance Writing

Now I came from a family of writers, my mother was an Phd. English professor who did book editing on the side and my step-father was and still continues to produce books of poetry and other works. In fact my step-dad got me my first writing gig at 10 years old writing little children’s book reviews for Saskatoon StarPhoenix.

Now to be writer you do need to be able to write well and to be able to share in a way that both engages and entices. Every writer has their own style and it’s best to choose a niche that you specialize in.

Now how exactly do you make money writing?? Focus on your niche whether it’s the music industry like my step-father, or travel or parenting. Then create samples of your work, put up a website as simple as a one pager and then start contacting websites, blogs and magazines in your niche with cold emails offering your services. That’s it. Typically with cold emails you can expect 10-20% to respond with some interest so the key is in being persistent and following up.

Writing an article for say a tutorial will pay around $50-$300 depending on the length and detail. A blog might be happy to pay you $30-$80 for a post as short as 900 words.

So why wait, if you love to write, get out and there and start offering your services!

2) Social Media Management

Now every business out there needs some type of social presence and that means opportunity to help businesses is everywhere!

I currently have social media management clients and it’s a great way to create steady recurring revenue that comes in month after month.

To be a social media manager you just need to be competent with the basics and entusiastic to serve your client and their market!

It’s best not to go by an hourly payment but rather offer monthly packages for the different platforms that include what the clients needs.

Finding clients can be as simple as posting an ad on Craigslist, calling local companies and setting up meetings with them to discuss how you can save them time and get them more exposure.

You can make anywhere from $15/hr - $40/hr generally and monthly package rates go from $200- $1000 on average.

3) Photography

If you have a nice camera, or even an older digital camera and have an eye for style and beauty then photography might be a great option for you.

There are plenty of ways to make money with photography and learning how to use a camera has never been easier. You find great free tutorials on Youtube or the web or you can even pay for courses on places like Creative Live or Skill Share.

The first way to make money with photography is to offer your services locally as a wedding photographer, business or family photographer.  Beginners doing this can expect to make around $100 for a short session to $1000 for a wedding. With experience you can charge even more.

Next is to sell your photography as stock images on websites like Creative Market or other. Photos here can sell for as little as $5 each or as much as $100 for photo packs.

4) Childcare

When both my children were babies and toddlers I chose to stay home with them and watch other people’s children so that I could afford to do so.

Now you don’t need to start a daycare in fact I charged $1100 a month for one toddler, $750 for a child who was a little older and then one child who went to the same school as my older daughter  I also did afterschool care for which I think was about $400/m.

So I was able to make $2250 a month with just a few children other than my own and I considered it a blessing to be able to be able to focus on my kids when they were quite young still.

If you plan on doing childcare I suggest you do what I did and take a first aid class and if your local municipality offers licensing for childcare providers do go through the licensing process as that allows you to give parents peace of mind and in some cases they will even refer parents to you.

5) Dog Walking

Next is dog walking! A friend of mine who is actually a self-employed accountant recently told me about the Rover app which she had just signed for.

It’s basically the Airbnb of dog sitting, in just a few days of signing up on the app she booked a dog sitting gig watching two beautiful puppies over the holidays earning her not only great company but also around $80 per night including the both them.

On Rover new sitters and walkers keep 80% of what you charge and you can also offer to do daytime care or just dog walking for 30 or 60 minutes at $20-$30/hr.

6) Cooking

Here’s another one you can do with no upfront costs! If you enjoy cooking then why not cook for others too?

Whether it’s baked goods you sell to coffee shops or at the market or home cooked meals for busy parents. Cooking is something that everyone needs to do but not everyone has time for.

Nowadays you can specialize in special diet cooking like allergen free, raw or vegan foods and charge anywhere from $20 -$50 a meal or item depending the number of servings. Do make sure to know what your costs are and then add your time.

When I was a young parent I had a Jamaican neighbor who told me how he came to Canada with no money, and no education. He started making cinnabuns in his friends oven and he would go out everyday selling them by the dozens to local coffee shops and at offices to people working there. When I met him he had just opened his first restaurant and he was not only a great influence on me that helped me realized the value of getting out there and starting a business but he also gave me the BEST gooey cinnamon buns :)

7) Sell Art

Do you like to draw or create art? Well there’s more than one marketplace online that you can feature your work on such as Etsy. Do be aware though that the median shop on Etsy makes $291/m. That’s the middle number when you list out all shop owner’s earnings. If you take your time and costs and deducted that then you end up maybe an extra $30 a week.

So what’s a better way to sell your art? Bring it to the people at your local farmers or flea market or Instagram.

You can  also create gift cards, stationary or even put you art on products like notebooks or clothing by using services such as Art of Where  or Red Bubble that dropship your art products meaning you don’t have to pay for anything up front, you just sell the items on your Instagram or website and then they ship them made and give you half.

So there you go, 7 ways you can start making money from home that takes little to no skill and that you can start with little to no upfront costs!

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