4 Tips to Establish Yourself as an Expert


The main reason you want to establish yourself as an expert is to position yourself amongst others in your field. You will want to brand yourself as a general or niche expert in order to allow potential clients the ability to quickly identify your unique value proposition and exactly how you can help them.

Your unique value proposition clearly states how what you offer solves a relevant problem or improves a situation for your prospect, exactly what benefits they will receive and how what you do or offer is distinguishable from your competition.

To be an expert in your field, you do not need to be the best or most qualified but you do need to offer more value than one could get from a “non” expert. If you are new in your field, this additional value could be derived from extensive research and training or if you have been in your field this expertise value will come from experience and knowledge from both hands on learning, training and studying. Simply put, you do not need to know everything but you do need to know more than the people you are positioning yourself as an expert for.

Here are some things you can do to establish yourself as an expert in your field:

  • Write helpful blog posts or articles. You can do this either on your own blog or by guest blogging on other blogs or platforms that you know your potential customers frequent when looking for tips online.

  • Help other business owners and get testimonials. There are a number of ways of getting testimonials that you can then use on your website or marketing materials but the best way is to do good work and then follow up every job with a request for a testimonial. It’s much easier to ask as your are completing the work than to come back at a later date.

  • Speak at local events or do a free workshop. Do some searching online and see what sort of homeowner groups there are in the area who may appreciate you as a guest speaker. Many groups look for speakers for their monthly or weekly meetings and if you can offer a short talk on recommendations, tips or how-tos, it’s a great opportunity to get in front of potential customers who will remember you in the future..

  • Use credibility marketing. Credibility marketing is when you include aspects to your marketing that lend trustworthiness or credibility to your business. This includes; better business bureau ratings, trade or community organization memberships, reviews and testimonials.


It doesn’t take much to become known as an expert – you just have to be deliberate about it and make sure to connect with people who are looking for your expertise.  In Social Media Marketing for Painters, we give you some awesome tools to get started (such as a series of blog post ideas and resources for credibility marketing that you can use).