4 Steps To Become Consistent


Don't Take Too Big a Leap

When trying to implement change in your habits or lifestyle. Better to start with one thing at a time and make the changes adjustments that you know you can make. How to know if it is practical before you commit to becoming consistent with it? By doing it at least three times consistently first. You would be surprised how many times in my past that I have "decided" to make a change and declared it without first trying it. Now before I declare anything, I do it. I do it a few times consistently and then I can say much confidently to myself and others that this is a change that not only I'm making but going to be consistent with.


Don't Rely on Motivation

Don't rely on motivation to ensure that you will be consistent with your new habits or activities. What does that mean exactly? It means to know that you aren't going to always feel like it. You simply won't. There is a technique I learned about recently that is called the 5-second rule. When you feel the lack of motivation to do something, stop your thoughts from going there and say to your mind in five seconds I will do (whatever it is you need to do take the first step in completing your activity). Then count to yourself, one, two, three, four and five you get up and do it. This actually works! What it does is takes control of your mind, before actions become actions they begin as thought. Your brain is like a computer and what is inputted by you (your thoughts), is what your body will or won't do. As it is said in the Bhagavad Gita one of the most ancient books on the philosophy of self, is that "your mind can be your best friend or worst enemy." Take control of it, when you feel your motivation waning try the five-second rule.

Make Your Self Accountable

You can try enlisting an accountability buddy or turning to group support either online or in person. There is power in numbers but being honest is key whether with yourself or with others. When you can be honest about your faults or weaknesses you are actually in the best position to make change happen.

Prepare Ahead

One of the best ways to change a habit is to plan ahead and make it easier for yourself to follow through. That may mean pre-packing meals or arranging for a sitter at specified times you plan on accomplishing goals.



Consistency is the key to building momentum and the driving force behind success. You become what you do, so choose to do what you want to become! Show up every day for yourself and others, tell the Universe you want this and are ready to receive more opportunity to continue down the path to what you want to manifest. Show up, show care and it will appear!