why social media management & SEO? 




We focus on using a combination of methods to increase your organic traffic as well as paid methods for immediate high-quality lead generation. Whether it is Local SEO, PR, Social Media, Ad Management or Search Engine SEO we share your brand’s unique message and value proposition with as many of the right people as possible.



lead generation

We begin all campaigns by keeping in mind the end goal of increasing sales. By understanding the motivations of your target market we are able to create compelling campaigns that not only generate highly qualified leads but sales as well.

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We use your pixels on our landing pages and guide our clients in the use of follow up campaigns so that prospects that don’t convert the first time will be retargeted through timely and compelling emails and/or ads that will follow them around the Internet.



Sales funnels

By understanding buyer journeys, sales can be increased. Sustainable marketing campaigns with long term benefits such as content marketing, email sequences and landing pages allow for prospects that aren’t ready to buy to buy tomorrow.



Search engine optimization is a complex process that includes many pieces to a puzzle. Although adding content to your website is very important, it is equally as important to get your content seen offside of your website. By strategically placing your content on other websites, social media profiles, publications, and guest blogging sites – it positions your website for higher authority. 





(INCL. 2x 650 words SEo blog posts)

We determine your unique value proposition and brand voice and then we do the following on:


  • Every third day - New Instagram post

  • Daily - 1-3 Insta Stories

  • Daily - Engagement with your existing followers comment, likes, dms and replies to comments

  • Daily - New follower generation through white hat likes, comments and insta story replies on accounts that belong to target market

  • Curation of images for posts via ethically sources and stock images

  • Original captions


  • Every third day - All Instagram content will be reformatted for twitter

  • Bi-Weekly - Blog posts will be tweeted

  • Special Announcements - when provided

  • Weekly Retweets of relevant content on Mondays

  • Weekly engagement with potential followers and existing followers

Facebook Page

  • Every third day - All Instagram content will be reformatted for Facebook

  • Bi-Weekly - Blog posts will be posted

  • Special Announcements - When provided

  • Weekly Retweets of relevant content on Mondays


  • Creation of account

  • Creation of main boards - Create branded boards with optimized bios

  • Joining relevant Pin groups

  • Setup Tailwind account

  • Setup Tailwind group board templates- create board lists by content

  • Bi-Weekly Create Pinnable Images - Create Pins from blog images and include seo optimization, compelling headlines, design and descriptions

  • Daily repins on Tailwind - 10 repins a day to group boards


A La Carte Social Platforms Packages

Starting at $150/m

(For Businesses, Professionals, Coaches and Service Providers)

Choose from:

  • Linkedin

  • Pinterest

  • Facebook Pages

  • Facebook Group Management

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Youtube

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