How Does our LEAD GENeration Work? 




We create an automated stream of highly qualified prospects in “hunt mode” using both free and paid and organic traffic sources.




We create an optimized landing page and assist you in creating an irresistible high value offer for lead capture. That generates qualified leads for your service and product while also increasing our client’s sales at the same time.

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We use your pixels on our landing pages and create follow up campaigns so that prospects that don’t convert the first time will be retargeted through timely and compelling emails and/or ads that will follow them around the Internet.




We help you create a well oiled sales machine that allows you to create long term sustainable marketing campaigns. By addressing prospects across their buyer journeys, sales are generated from a larger pool of prospects than only those ready to buy immediately.

We are a performance driven agency that offers guaranteed services.

We guarantee our work and after determining the value each lead is to your business based on established conversion rates, we match or surpass your investment with us. We determine the value we deliver to you based on your vpl (value per lead) and the number of qualified leads and sales we generate for you.

Qualified leads are determined based on the following; they have opted into your lead capture with email, name and/or phone number, they have replied to an email, Facebook message or Linkedin message positively requesting more information or contact by you or they’ve booked an appointment on your calendar or verbally requested to meet with you.

If we don’t delivered on our promise, we work for free until we do!



Here’s how we are able to drive highly qualified leads or create killer affiliate outreach and product review campaigns. First we do a discovery on your business, analyze your competitors, focus in on your target market, understand your sales processes and get clear on your goals. After, based on your feedback, we create a compelling marketing message that we utilize in our mass b2b outreach campaign, where we connect with 1500-3000 prospects on your behalf.

Everything we offer you is specific for your business and goals. Once we’ve had a chance to understand your sales process, goals and branding strategy we are able to determine what methods will work best for you and how best to proceed in today’s marketing landscape.

You can decide to continue working with us on a month to month basis or just use us on demand for 4 weeks at a time.

Go ahead and book a call with us, this is not a sales call. It’s our chance to wow you with your expertise and knowledge and we’re happy to impress you. Again, there is no obligation, it’s totally up to you if decide to work with us or to try out any of our services.

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Leads & Sales Funnel

What We Do: 

  • We determine what position and role your decision makers will most likely be in

  • We generate a lead list of up to 3,000 contacts per month

  • If your target market is on Linkedin then we will also create an automated Linkedin campaign

  • We create an email series that is dripped over a 1 month time period to your leads

  • Emails are sent using our cold email automation tool and responses and bookings are sent directly to your inbox

  • One monthly marketing call & report

  • 24/7 campaign management during the campaign.

What You Get:


  • Contacts interested in your services and products who are ready to meet with you who reply directly to your email inbox

  • The complete lead list and mined data



What We Do: 

  • After determining your ideal target market we select the right channel for your paid traffic campaign; either Facebook, Instagram Google Ads or Youtube ads

  • We generate a lead list using Linkedin and if using Facebook we import it as a custom audience otherwise we will create an extensively research custom audience using other means

  • We do the full setup and optimization of your paid campaign while also offering weekly monitoring and tweaking

  • A highly effective landing page and optin is created by us in order to be able to fully optimize your conversions

  • A booking page or sales page is setup and linked to your campaign in order to allow for immediate results

  • An email nurturing sequence is developed according to where the prospects are on their buyer journeys

  • One monthly marketing call & report

  • 24/7 campaign management during the campaign.

What You Get:


  • Bookings and new appointments

  • Sales of your services and products




(For Professionals, Coaches and Service Providers)

What We Do: 

  • We create a highly effective Facebook marketing funnel strategy for Lead Generation and Sales

  • Competitive research is extensively done by us so that you reach more of the right people

  • We complete intensive Facebook audience targeting research

  • Implementation, optimization & tracking of your Facebook Ad Campaign

  • We create ultraefficient ad copy and a high converting landing page designed with your brand’s voice and messaging for your campaign

  • Monthly marketing call & detailed reporting

  • 24/7 Campaign Management during the campaign.

What You Get:


  • Targeted leads (name, email, phone number) of those interested in your services and product

  • Sales from newly generated leads


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